An Array of Services

Head Start / Early Head Start provides diverse services to meet the goals of the following program areas:

  • Education – The educational program is designed to meet the needs of each child, the community served, and its ethnic and cultural characteristics. Every child receives a variety of learning experiences to foster enhanced language development, cognitive, social, physical, and emotional growth.
  • Health – Emphasis is placed on the importance of the early identification of health problems. Every child is involved in a comprehensive health program, which includes immunizations, medical, dental, mental health, and nutritional services. Diapers are provided by NHCAC Head Start/Early Head Start for children while in our care.
  • Facilities – The program provides a physical environment that is conducive to learning and reflective of the different stages of development of children. We also provide for the maintenance, repair, safety, and security of all Head Start / Early Head Start facilities, materials, and equipment.
  • Parent Engagement – An essential part of Head Start / Early Head Start is the involvement of parents in parent education, program planning, and operating activities. Many parents serve as members of the Policy Council and committees. These committees share a voice in administrative and managerial decisions. Participation in classes and workshops on child development and staff visits to the home allow parents to learn about the needs of their children and about educational activities that can take place at home.
  • Family Engagement– The foundation of Head Start/Early Head Start begins with parent involvement. We believe parents, family members, and the community play an essential role in a child’s development and should be actively involved in all aspects of the program. Parent involvement begins at registration and continues throughout the family’s time in the program. Head Start / Early Head Start also works individually with each family by linking each family with community services and resources.
  • Disability Services – Ten percent of our enrollment slots are reserved for children ages 0-3 with an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) and children ages 3-5 with an Individual Education Plan (IEP). The program promotes inclusive practices and offers support to families.
  • Mental Health – Mental health and wellness are vital aspects of your child’s social and emotional growth. Promoting mental health is a key component of the work we do every day to enrich the lives of the children and families in Head Start. Our Head Start program employs qualified mental health professionals who work closely with teachers and parents to support the children. The mental health team is also available to assist parents who may experience social-emotional problems within the family.
    All services and information are maintained in confidence. For assistance parents may contact your child’s teacher or family advocate.
  • Services to pregnant women — A healthy pregnancy has a direct influence on the health and development of a newborn child; Early Head Start strives to have the greatest impact on participating children by offering supportive services as early in life as possible. The prenatal period of growth and development has a lasting impact on the child’s potential for healthy growth and development after birth. The Early Head Start program provide services to pregnant women and their families and assists them to access comprehensive prenatal and postpartum health care, prenatal education, and breastfeeding education.
  • HS/EHS Extended Day Care– For families in need of before and after care (7:30-am-8:30am and 2:30- 5:30pm), assistance is available for all families to apply for Urban League Subsidies. Availability for fee paid extended day services is also available. Please contact Family Advocate if interested.