Sliding Fee Scale

North Hudson Community Health Center accepts Medicaid, Medicare, HMO’s, Private Insurance and patient payments.

We offer a Sliding Fee Discount Program for Uninsured Patients based on Family Size and Income in accordance with Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Patient Portal

The North Hudson CAC Patient Portal is a secure, web-based system that will allow you to access your important health information. Once you sign up to access our Patient Portal, these services are available securely online anytime you want to log in.


ACCESS the PATIENT PORTAL-what can I do on the Patient Portal?

View your Personal Health Information-You will be able to view your personal health information and updates to other personal information like your address, phone number (s), emergency contact information and more.

Request a non-urgent appointment or renewal/refill-You will be able to request a non-urgent appointment or renewal/refill by logging on to your patient portal. A non-urgent appointment request must be made 5 days in advance on our portal. If you have an urgent need to see one or our providers please call North Hudson Community Action Corporation directly at 201-210-0200.

Review your lab results- Labs done through LabCorp and ordered by one of our providers can be accessed through the patient portal. Please call NHCAC Health Center if you have not received notification (a phone call or email) regarding your labs results within 2 weeks of your visit. All labs are published on the Patient Portal and accessibile to you at anytime…

How do I sign up?

Here is how you sign up for the Patient Portal-If you are interested in using our Patient Portal; we will need your personal email address. If you do not have a personal email address, you may give us the email address of an adult family member. Please note: we make every effort to ensure your privacy and adhere to HIPAA Laws and Guidelines, so this family member will need to be given written permission by you to access your health information. Our associates can walk you through this process andand answer any questions. Once the associates have entered your email address into our system, they will provide you with a Username and generic Password. You will also receive an email from NHCAC ( with this same information as well as the URL for our Patient Portal Website to Login. After you have entered in your Username and generic Password successfully, you will be prompted to enter your Date of Birth or Phone Number that NHCAC has listed in our system. This is another step to protect you and your health information. Once you have verified your information, you will be asked to create your own unique password and customize a security question. In the event that you forget your unique password, your security question will still allow you to log into our portal without having to call the Health Center.

What If I need help with the Patient Portal?

If you have trouble logging in or using our Patient Portal, please give your health center a call and one of our associates will be happy to help you resolve any issues.


What if I can’t remember my password?
Go to the portal site and click on the “forgot password” link and follow the directions. Note: it may take 10-15 ,minutes for your new password to become active,

What if I am locked out of my account?
Your account will be locked after 19 (nineteen) successful log-in attempts. The username and passwords are both case sensitive, so please be careful when logging in. If you do get locked out of your account, you can call you NHCAC Health Center and one of our associates will be happy to help you.

Why can’t I see my lab results?
Lab results are visible once they have been reviewed by the provider. If they are not visible, your lab results may not be final yet. Please call you NHCAC Health Center if you have not received notification regarding your lab results within 2 weeks of your visit. At this time, we can only publish labs that have been ordered by a NHCAC provider. All the lab and x-ray results are published based on sensitivity of information and provider discretion.

Why can’t I see all of the information in my record?
The portal does not allow all portions of the medical record to be visible. Any lab that was done prior to initiation of our portal will not be visible.

Some of my information is wrong. How do I correct this?
We are hopeful that the NHCAC Patient Portal will help us keep your information current to reduce billing mistakes and other errors. If you notice an error in your personal information, please submit the change through the portal. Your information will update within 48-72 hours.


Our Patient Portal is designed to help you monitor your personal medical information. It does not provide any emergency medical service. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911.