Women’s Health Services

Women have many unique health care needs. At North Hudson Community Action Corporation Health Center we offer comprehensive compassionate health care for every phase of a woman’s life–from pregnancy to menopause and beyond. We have an outstanding team of physicians, nurse practitioners and nurse midwives who are dedicated to making you feel confident and comfortable with your care. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our Providers are:

  • Norma Milanes Roberts,MD, Director of Women’s Health
  • Maria Aguilera, APN-BC, Director of Nursing
  • Elizabeth Gallego, CM
  • Bruce Bennett, MD
  • Manuel Borja, MD
  • Mark Marino, MD
  • Catherine Cano, CNM
  • Aurora Dalisay, APN
  • Eneida DePina, APN
  • Amy Fisherman, CNM
  • Marie Johnson, APN
  • George Kyreakakis, MD
  • Rita Vinod Knause, MD
  • Ellen O’Neill, CNM
  • Shari Rake, CNM
  • Karym Zahka, MD
  • Erika Naranjo, CNM