Immigration and Naturalization Services

The program of Immigration and Naturalization Service assists people to complete their applications for Naturalization, Adjustment of status as a Permanent Resident, Employment Authorization, Family-based Petitions, Fiancée Petitions, Renew Permanent Resident Cards, Removing Conditional Resident Cards, Travel Permits, Affidavit of Support, National Visa Center and Consular proceedings, translations, letters, Immigration Requests, Applying and renewing DACA and TPS; VAWA, Replacing certificates of naturalization, replacing lost paroles, Changes of Address for Lawful Permanent Residence or pending applications, Notices of Appeal for Motions, etc. This program has more than 56 years of experience helping people throughout the United States.

Location: 7007 Polk Street, Guttenberg, NJ 07093 

Hours: Monday thru Friday – 8:30am—5:00pm